We create technology that helps people to find their voice.

Psykinetic is a start-up social business aimed at creating futuristic, inclusive and empowering technologies to improve independence and quality of life for people with disabilities. From new communication devices, to control of the home, to expressing your creativity through music, we are dedicated towards building a truly inclusive society, and we want to work with you on this journey.

From smart wheelchairs to new forms of communication and control to computer games for cognitive stimulation, we have big visions for a more inclusive society.

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Psykinetic, from “psyche” and “kinetic”, ignites the idea of putting the mind into action. We are a social business aimed at creating futuristic assistive technology to improve independence and quality of life for people with disability.



The Team


Dr Jordan Nguyen
Founder and CEO

An internationally renowned engineer for humanity, Dr Nguyen designs life-changing technologies that are intelligent, futuristic and inclusive, and many of these are made to transform the lives of people with disability.

A passionate advocate for social change, Jordan follows the mantra of: “One Life. Persist to Improve Many”.  He whole-heartedly believes that each life has the capacity to improve the lives of many, and that this simple yet profound idea can change the world and shape the future.


Nick Temple
Software Engineer

A dedicated software engineer with a limitless passion for technology and innovation. At a young age, Nick taught himself software development and believes the best way to learn anything is to do it yourself.

Nick strives to challenge himself with new technology and projects. He is breaking new ground in technology innovation in his role as Lead Software Engineer at Psykinetic. Nick’s current projects include an eye-controlled music device and the world’s fastest eye-controlled communication device.