Psykinetic Music Tool

The Psykinetic Music Tool gives musicians with severe physical disabilities the chance to live out their dream of playing instruments via eye-control.

Whether it is an on stage performance or a jam with friends, our music tool allows musical expression to become a reality!

Users are able to load in their own sound files to the tool. From custom drum loops to classical singular instrument notes – the possibilities are completely up to each musician!

The interface of the Psykinetic Music Tool has three main screens that the musician can switch between during a jam/performance. They are:

Toggles -

Allows the musician to loop the selected sounds

Notes -

Allows the musician to play selected individual notes or chords over the top of the toggles

Sound Bites -

Allows the musician to play individual sounds like drums, ocean waves or vocals.

Each screen has a circle divided into twelve sections, each section can have a pre-recorded sound file. To play, the musician simply looks at a section of the circle and blinks at it to select it. They can swap between the toggles, notes or sound bites screens by blinking at one of the three tabs across the top of the screen.

The Psykinetic Music Tool can be run off a PC tablet utilizing an external eye tracker.

UTS APQ Jess Irwin_0006
Before I met Jordan playing music just wasn’t an option for me due to my physical limitations.

-Jessica Irwin