Meet Our Champions

Riley Saban

To achieve new levels of independence and push the limits of possibility, Riley Saban worked with Dr Jordan Nguyen and his team on Psykinetic’s telekinetic control device. The device was made in the form of a headband that picks up on the electrical activity of Riley’s eyes, allowing him to turn on lights, fans, and even a television, before moving on to his wild dream of driving a car.

The ABC documentary ‘Becoming Superhuman’, presented by Dr Jordan Nguyen, followed their amazing adventure which results in us witnessing 13 year-old Riley utilise this device to independently drive an off-road buggy at fast speed!

Jess Irwin

Jess Irwin performed with the Australia Piano Quartet at the Sydney Opera House in July, 2016.

Jess Irwin, who was born with high level Cerebral Palsy, always had a love for music but had never found an instrument she could play. However, with a new eye-controlled music device developed by Psykinetic, she performed classical music alongside the Australia Piano Quartet to a sold-out audience at the Sydney Opera House.

“Playing at the opera house was such a surreal feeling, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that would be physically possible!  I am really looking forward to seeing how far we can take this type of technology to improve the lives of many.”

– Jessica Irwin

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