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Welcome to Psykinetic’s range of apps!

Here you will find our software including communication, music creation, gaming and virtual reality apps.

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Step into a world of inclusivity…

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It Begins With StarGaze...
A platform that houses the world’s first software marketplace for eyecontrolled, switch-operated, and alternative interface systems. Download StarGaze and gain access to our well known apps including Frontier, Atmosphere and Kinetic-Zero!

StarGaze is a game changer, that paves the way for computing independence, and creates a new world of collaborations with external software, games, and app providers. The StarGaze software marketplace will grow rapidly in its inclusive app offerings, and includes a multitude of other features including a library to allow users to navigate, launch and update their own apps, community connection spaces, and feedback to Psykinetic allowing the products to evolve into the future with the community.
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Kinetic-Zero is Psykinetic's very first app to be released onto StarGaze! This eye-controlled flying spaceship game puts YOU in the pilot seat as you navigate through the city landscape with your eyes! The first of many games available on the platform.
Photo of frontier on a windows tablet


The world’s fastest eye-controlled communication keyboard which includes text-to-speech generation and graduating levels of functionality and speed, allowing users to type and communicate at speeds up to and exceeding average hand typing speeds.
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Eye-controlled music software that allows a musician to play instruments, record and layer tracks of their own musical creations, all with eye movements. ATMOSPHERE has already featured at numerous world-first performances, including onstage at the Sydney Opera House.
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Psykinetic Virtual Reality

Emerge yourself in the world of Psykinetic with our range of Virtual Reality apps available on Google Play.
All you need is an Android phone and VR cardboard device.

Psykinetic Launchpad

Take a walk into the future and capture a glimpse of what is ahead in the journey of Psykinetic!
Photo of Psykinetic's V R Launchpad

VR Therapy

Experimental VR therapy experience to help patients in their physical rehabilitation process. Experience how beneficial muscle memory is!
Photo of Psykinetic's V R hands drawing a letter A
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