Performing With Steve Balbi

At Telstra Vantage 2017
We all have that one unimaginable goal we find ourselves daydreaming about constantly. Then we shake our heads laughing putting it quickly out of our mind because we know it could never really be a reality. But what if suddenly one day that dream was made possible?

Five years ago I discovered my love for live music and performing after I met the crazy character of Steve Balbi! Every time Steve came on stage he had the audience’s sole attention. I thought “This dude is just as bizarre as me! How is that even possible!”. I knew I had to meet this captivating performer because I just knew something massive would stem from it. And it did…

Steve began to offer me tickets to his gigs, and my strong desire to perform on stage grew even more. However, even I knew my limits and that having severe cerebral palsy probably was going to rule that dream out! So I took up event photography because it gave me some involvement in the music scene. Nonetheless, event photography never fully satisfied my creative expression for music, and every time I saw Steve on stage I could hear my inner musician screaming “you need to play music and perform!”.

Then one day Jordan attended a gig with me, and saw first hand my desire to join Steve on stage. So he went away and made it his goal to turn my dream into a reality! And he did!! The eye-controlled Psykinetic Music Tool was born!

Photos of Telstra Vantage

My first performance was with the Australia Piano Quartet, where I learnt the disciplines of performing classical music and slowly developed my own stage presence. With each APQ performance, my accuracy and speed with the music tool improved.

Little did I know Jordan was planning something massive for me that would utilize all the lessons from my last eight performances, and would push me even further. The 2017 Telstra Vantage was a celebration of 100 years of technology empowering individuals and businesses. The introduction to this event… yes, you guessed it… a unique rock performance utilizing our eye-controlled Music Tool…. WITH STEVE BALBI, a rock band and I! In front of a reasonably small audience… of 3500 people!!!!!!! They were massive shoes to fill, I have so much respect for Steve and his music, as well as showcasing the Music Tool, if ever I wanted a performance to be the best that I have ever delivered, it was this performance!

Photos of Vantage

This was literally a dream come true! Performing alongside Steve Balbi doesn’t happen every day, and it was a great honour. I remember our first rehearsal at Paul Grey’s home studio where I was sitting next to our software engineer, Nick Temple, and I looked at him in disbelief – we are sitting in a music studio jamming with Steve and Paul! How does that even happen?!

After a number of rehearsals in the weeks leading up at 10am on 20th September 2017, I stepped onto stage with Steve and the rest of the band and delivered a rock performance using the Psykinetic Music Tool in front of a packed crowd!!! To say it was the most incredible experience of my life would be a gross understatement! The stage was shaking with the drum beat while Steve and I were having an electric guitar battle mid-performance! How can you possibly beat that morning!?

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this day come together. It meant the world to me that so many people came up to me afterwards. I can’t wait to see more eye-control musicians on the stage and enjoy experiencing their creativity!

Best 10am EVER!

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