StarGaze is here!

Download StarGaze for free TODAY!


Any Windows PC or Tablet! Navigate with your standard mouse or a supported Tobii Dynavox eye-tracker
- Read or watch our tutorial for more information below!  

What is StarGaze and why is it so exciting?

StarGaze is Psykinetic’s FREE platform where you have access to all of our software, including games, communication software, and music instruments. Even if you don't yet have an eye-tracking device, you can still download this software to have a look at today using any standard mouse.

This is a world's first platform that is soon to be compatible with switch-operated and alternative interface systems.

We will have support for more devices in the future.




FRONTIER is the world's fastest eye-controlled communication keyboard, and ATMOSPHERE is our music performance software. Think of StarGaze like your new 'app' store - when you download it to your computer and login, you will see a 'store' that you can then purchase and start using these products!  

  • Kinetic-Zero spaceship game - FREE
  • FRONTIER communication - $50 p/m
  • ATMOSPHERE music - $25 p/m
  • Package - $65 p/m

StarGaze also allows you to access:

Marketplace designed to grow in app offerings (with many exciting projects in the works!)

  • Your library of purchased and free apps
  • Tutorials
  • Community connection spaces
  • News
  • Feedback

StarGaze was designed to grow and respond with you as our community! We want to hear feedback from you to build StarGaze into your dream platform – the possibilities are endless!


How do I get started with StarGaze?


Watch Jordan and Nick take you through the basics of Stargaze in the following tutorials.


How do I purchase an eye tracker?


We are currently compatible with the Tobii Dynavox range of eye-trackers - EyeMobile Plus, EyeMobile Mini, or PCEye Mini. You can purchase one from their website - Remember - you or your carer can download StarGaze without an eye-tracker to look around, so you can test out with your standard computer mouse!

Photo of Psykinetic Stargaze Whale icon

Have any questions or want to give feedback?

We love hearing from you! If you have any feedback, please use the form accessible in the ‘feedback’ tab of StarGaze or contact if you have any issues downloading StarGaze.

What about NDIS?

Psykinetic is a registered NDIS Provider - 4050022892. We encourage you to ask for Frontier and Atmosphere to be put on your plan, and we are happy to discuss our products with your OT or Plan Manager. Contact us at with the subject line 'NDIS: [Your Name]'.

I'm an app or game developer - how do I collaborate with Psykinetic?

We are always excited to hear from companies or individuals who would like to collaborate or place their products on StarGaze. Please contact us at

Are there any other system requirements?

If you have any troubles downloading StarGaze do let us know!
Processor 2.0GHz Minimum Dual Core Processor
Memory 4.0GB RAM
Hard Disk 1.0 GB Available
Display 1024 x 768 Minimum (Recommended)
Operating System Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10 (Recommended)
Windows XP SP2+ Supported .NET Version: 2.0
Supported input mechanisms Standard mouse
Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini, Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile Plus, Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile Mini.
More compatible eye trackers will be made available in the near future, as well as switch-operated and alternative interface systems.
Internet Access Required for Network Features