Trials 2017 – Terms & Conditions

I agree to participate in the product trial ‘High-Speed Eye-Controlled Communication Tool for Physical Disability’ being conducted by Dr Jordan Nguyen and Nicholas Temple of Psykinetic at the University of Technology, Ultimo, NSW, 2007.

I understand that the purpose of this trial is to determine performance and effectiveness of a proposed high speed eye-controlled communication software. 

I understand that I have been asked to participate in this research because I have a physical disability that would benefit from eye-gaze communication systems, and that my participation in this research will involve an estimated one hour trial of this technology. I am otherwise able to fully consent to this product trial and am over the age of 18 years.

I am aware that I can contact Nicholas Temple or his supervisor Dr Jordan Nguyen if I have any concerns about the research. I also understand that I am free to withdraw my participation from this research trial at any time I wish, without consequences, and without giving a reason.

I am aware that there may be multiple individuals present in the room in each allocated time slot testing the product.

I agree that the research data gathered from this project may be published in a form that does not identify me in any way.

I understand that I may be filmed or photographed during the product trial for the purposes of Psykinetic’s media uses. I am aware that I can withdraw my consent for any photographs prior to starting the trial on the day.


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